Trap Music Museum and The Bishop Gallery Presents: ‘The Only Christopher We Acknowledge Is Wallace; Vol. 2 – ATL Edition

The Trap Music Museum art gallery honored the life of Christopher Wallace. “Growing up in NYC, Biggie’s music always curated a vibe. When pitched the opportunity to honor him through art – it was a no-brainer.” – Krystal Garner, General Manager of Trap Music Museum.

Monday, October 11, 2021 the day the culture has deemed Christopher Wallace Day, was celebrated at the Trap Music Museum with help from General Manager of Trap Music Museum and New York’s very own, Krystal Garner, Trap Music Museum’s co-Founder Bam, Art Extraordinaire Rich Bizarre and the Trap Music Museum Family. Coming together to remember our brother the Great Notorious B.I.G. curated by The Bishop Gallery and upcoming artist Christopher Frank.

The exhibition will be displayed until Nov. 11th for all museum go-ers to experience the King of Rap while spending time here in Atlanta.

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