B. Simone opens all-female co-working space

Actress, comedian, and bestselling author B. Simone has partnered with her marketing manager Mary Seats to open an all-female co-working space in Atlanta called “The Bakery.” The 14,000 square foot space will house B. Simone’s million-dollar business, “B. Simone Beauty,” as well as Mary Seat’s marketing firm, “The Icing Agency.” 

B. Simone’s manager, marketing and brand strategist Mary Seats, known as Mz Skittlez – worked for B. Simone for an entire year without payment. The two built a foundation on friendship and trust that helped B. Simone garner her new-found success.

“Surround yourself with a team of people who see your vision and help you execute. If you’re a new entrepreneur without a payroll budget, get creative.,” B. Simone said.“there was a point where I needed help, but I couldn’t pay people. When you’re at that point, you can barter. There’s always something you can bring to the table.”

Seats has been building her brand and countless others for years. In 2011, she launched her first company, Cupcake Mafia, with $300 to her name and now she says she is making millions for herself and others. Most recently, Seats sold hundreds of spots for a digital conference in less than 48 hours where she and a panel of experts equipped women with the information they need to blossom as entrepreneurs.

“You can be a mom, a wife, or whatever it is you want to be. I used to want to find a poster woman for the ideal mom, wife, and unstoppable girl boss – and I honestly I couldn’t find it. So, I became it”,  Seats said.

Additionally, The Bakery will be an all-pink space for female entrepreneurs to utilize for photography sessions, green screen videography, executive offices, and retail space. Units are available for rental now.

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