Afro-pop newcomer drops sizzling single

Atlanta’s own budding Afro-Pop artist, Ferow, dropped another sultry end of the summer track with “For You,” along with a hot music video.

 “For You” (feat. Dremo) expresses a special connection that makes for a sultry summer hit. An unconditional love like this leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions and keeps you wanting more. 

The exceptionally beautiful and talented East-African singer Ferow steps onto the scene in her latest track “For You” featuring Dremo. Her melodic vocals take your breath away.

She is an African Queen with a broad vocal range. The infectious beat forces you to listen closely to Ferow’s entrancing voice sing. “Oh My Love, I’ll do the time for the crime for you…for you”.

In perfect harmony, Dremo follows up the seductive flow behind Ferow’s romantic prowess. The two voices fade off into bliss–This is a single worth dedicating to your Summer 2019 love.

The production by Ace Harris & DJ Tag captivates you as the bass bursts through your speakers. Afro-Pop fusion has taken the globe by storm. The Vibe is infused with a mixture of Reggae, R&B, Hip-hop and African folk music.

This genre has proved that it is not just a trendy fad. As a new outlook on traditional sounds, Afro-Pop fusion is here to stay.

Female artist, Ferow, is making her mark and rising to the forefront of this international genre. The indie female artist of Eritrean heritage has a history of going viral with her bestie, The B. Simone.

The Houston pair accumulated millions of views from a web series of comedic shorts discussing topics relevant to millennials of color.

Ferow is now taking a new approach as she makes music the focal point of her blossoming career.

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