Global Growers Network in Atlanta Devastated by April’s Severe Storm

Global Growers’ primary commercial farm site, the 15-acre Bamboo Creek Farm in Stone Mountain, was washed out by severe flooding when Snapfinger Creek rose more than 10 feet in just a few hours. The floodwaters destroyed all crops, washed away months of investments, and eliminated the possibility of future sales for at least 3 months.


Bamboo Creek Farm is unique for being a collaborative farm that hosts four family farm businesses operated by farmers who came to Atlanta as legal refugees from Myanmar.


It is also the hub of the Global Growers sales enterprise that has sold more than $1 million worth of fruits and vegetables on behalf of partner farmers. The farmers are now left without their livelihoods, and the Global Growers sales enterprise is currently shut down.


Global Growers estimates that they have already suffered $50,000 worth of lost investment, and stand to lose $300,000 more.


Global Growers Network is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that is well-known for its work to connect international farmers who have come to this country as refugees to opportunities in sustainable agriculture. The new American growers in the organization’s network represent more than a dozen culture groups and languages from around the world.


Bamboo Creek Farm is one of eight farm and garden sites that the organization manages or co-manages across DeKalb County, GA, but the property accounts for nearly 90% of the organization’s commercial production.


In the coming days and weeks, Global Growers Network will be announcing a series of fundraising events and campaigns to provide financial support to farmers and to rebuild.
The organization is seeking immediate assistance to 1) provide immediate and direct support to farmers to cover the loss of income and 2) mobilize resources to get the farm and sales back in business. Donations can be made immediately at

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