Goodr opens corporate headquarters in Atlanta

Food waste management company, Goodr has announced its new corporate headquarters in Downtown Atlanta.

The company recently held a grand opening for the location, hosted by founder Jasmine Crowe

asmine Crowe, the founder and proprietor of food waste management company, Goodr, has just opened the doors to the company’s new corporate headquarters in downtown Atlanta in a grand opening ceremony on July 11. 

Powered by blockchain technology, Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food waste from pickup to donation, delivering the competitive advantage of real-time social impact reporting analytics.

Goodr is the only food waste management company that is in compliance with the IRS through our blockchain-enabled platform and mobile app that empowers organizations to unlock significant tax deductions by donating surplus food that ends up in landfills, ultimately contributing to the environmental crisis.

The Goodr model aims to provide a triple-win solution by improving an organization’s bottom line through charitable tax donations, reducing its greenhouse emissions from landfills and getting its edible surplus food to local communities in need.

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