Lightskin Bobby lays down the law with ‘Can’t Go’

Atlanta artist Lightskin Bobby pushes through the COVID-19 pandemic to release his most recent single and music video “Can’t Go,” the third single off his latest album “Last Of A Dying Breed” which features Faded Mulah.

“The inspiration behind ‘Can’t Go’ which came from just being in the studio,” Lightskin Bobby said. “At this particular time, I was getting in album mode. I didn’t want the album to be a typical R&B album but I wanted to show off my rapping skills. I don’t call myself a rapper, but I wanted to feed the fans something different from me. When the beat came on, I didn’t think about it. I didn’t write. I just went into the booth and went off the top.”

The singer dropped the album right before the overwhelming impact of the pandemic with the first single “What U Like,” celebrating his 30th birthday.

“With ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’ you have half and half. You get the ballads and serenades, and you also get some songs for the club. I’m an artist and I’m talented in both areas so I figured if it was a good song people would receive it the right way and so far people are liking it more than I was expecting them to,” Lightskin Bobby said.

A singer/songwriter, Breyon “Lightskin Bobby” Sweeting is an Atlanta-based talent working his way from the bottom until he reaches the top. As a child, a became a prodigy around the talent show circuit, winning multiple shows in Georgia and South Carolina, and competing on legendary talent program “Showtime at The Apollo.” He’s worked with well-known producer Mr. Hankey, PS On The Track, Ali of Travis Porter, and infamous Atlanta music influencer DJ Kutt Throat.

“Last of a Dying Breed” is currently available on all streaming platforms.  

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