Singer Sammie announces new single, tour

We’ve all heard the saying, “When a woman’s fed up…” but how bad does it have to be for a man to be fed up with himself? How many men do you know will openly admit that they have to come Face to Face ” with their INFIDELITY?  

R&B Sensation, Sammie’s latest single, “Face to Face,” exposes his wrongs and comes “face to face” with his infidelity. In true art form, Sammie has crafted a song with a smooth melodic sound and painfully honest lyrics. 

“Being in a relationship is hard work, but love is the most rewarding experience any human can have, ” Sammie said.

“Face to Face…it’s literal. I grew tired of running from myself. Lying in a bed of lies. So much so, that if I recited them enough times I’d start to believe that they were true. It became sickening and difficult to carry.

At some point, we all must look at ourselves in the mirror and chisel at the things we don’t fancy about ourselves.

The lyrics: “I’m even tired of me,”  Sammie confesses when sharing the inspiration when writing the song. 

“I got lipstick on my collar, got her kisses on my neck. Got her fragrance all up on me, damn, I bet I smell like sex. Got her texts in my phone, damn, why can’t I delete? I mean ’cause even if I do that doesn’t mean that I ain’t cheat. I can’t make it right ’cause I know I’m wrong. You deserve better than me, someone who gon’ do what he say, somebody who says what they mean. I been lies true for way too long, I’m even tired of me. Girl, I’ve come face-to-face with my Infidelity.” 

“Face to Face” was written by Sammie Lee Bush and appears on Sammie’s highly anticipated fourth studio album“Everlasting,” which available on all digital platforms right now!

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