Alpharetta is Georgia’s best city for active renters with the highest share of buildings with gyms

Rolling out of bed and landing on the treadmill is no longer an exercise of imagination, as more and more apartment buildings come with gyms or fitness amenities. As an increasing number of renters opt for the live-work-play lifestyle, in the past decade 89% of the new buildings offered this convenience.

With this in mind, we wanted to find out which are the best cities for active renters, and here are the ones in Georgia:

  • Alpharetta opens the list with an overwhelming 98% share of buildings with gyms. Alpharettans will be happy to know that renting in a community with this amenity will not set them back more than $6 per month over the city average ($1,480). This is because Alpharetta boasts many new, high-end buildings, which generally come with fitness amenities.
  • Other 2 small cities around Atlanta, Kennesaw and Duluth, show that 93% and respectively 92% of the properties here are equipped with gyms. For this amenity, renters in these cities pay between $9 and $11 more for rent.
  • In Atlanta, 69% of apartment buildings come with a gym or some other fitness amenity. The rent difference between a property with a gym and the city average in Atlanta is a solid $103, which is to be expected in a large city with a more balanced mix of older and newer buildings.

To see how Atlanta compares to other cities in the U.S., you can access the full story here:

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