Social influence brand host entrepreneurial workshop, community clean up in Vine City

With the goal to cultivate the next generation of leaders, social influence brand Humbl Hustlr hosted an entrepreneurship workshop and community clean up on Saturday, July 13, at at the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, providing knowledge and transformational skills needed in entrepreneurship while cleaning the community.

Approximately 35 Black Businessmen, representing black-owned businesses across various industries served as mentors to 26 young Black men, ages 11-17. The group came together to build on the ideas and concepts of entrepreneurship and learn what it means to make an impact in the community.

(Photo: Carol Rose)

Through a workshop, the mentees created a mission statement, social media marketing and branding plans for their business ideas, and were given the opportunity to pitch their projects.

Afterward, the group was taken on a tour of historic Vine City, guided by Bishop Lewis, the Chairman for the Vine City Civic Association Center.

Subsequently, the mentors and mentees commenced the process of cleaning Vine City and helping to improve the community while listening to music provided by Praise 102.5 radio station.

Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Brown also participated in the cleanup of his district.

(l-r) Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown and Lorenzo Gordon, founder of Humbl Hustlr (Photo: Keno)

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